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About my tarot reading

Professional Tarot Reading in Ireland with over 40 years Experience.

I have been reading Tarot Cards since 1970, as well as teaching tarot reading, mysteries and magic. I am more well known as a publshed author on the subjects of witchcraft and wicca, but have also published The Concise Tarot Reader, which is published and bundled with several Tarot Apps for IPAD and IPHONE with a company called THE FOOLS DOG (www.foolsdog.com).

Apart from being an experienced reader, I am also a medium which enhances this ability. I do not just read cards - I am also an experienced clairaudient psychic and regularly get messages through during readings.

My personal practise is based in Ireland and I have a regular clientele who visit my cottage, but I also do reading in the US and Europe when I travel to these places to do workshops.

Readings by Email (MP3 and JPG)

Several years ago I experimented in doing readings by email; by recording the reading on mp3 and bundling it with a photo (JPG). It was highly successful, and also have a regular international clientele through this.

To get a reading from me by email you first need to contact me on my email address: jsfarrar@eircom.net. I will let you know if I am available to do a reading for you in the following days. If I am I will then ask you to send me your question(s) and make payment via paypal for US$60 to the same email address.. I normally have readings returned within 48hrs of payment, in the form of an MP3 recording and the accompanying jpg image of the layout.


Janet Farrar



Hernes Cottage, Ethelstown KELLS Melbourne, Chuadanga 3000




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