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Universal Insights 777

Love & Relationships
Dorset Road
Melbourne, Chuadanga
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About my Psychic Reading

I have assisted people for many years how to help solve or improve their dating, love and relationship situations, as well as helping people that are struggling with any personal matters or life questions.

Let me guide you to a much happier life also, by giving you the reasons 'why' things are happening the way they are.

All situations are not hard for me, I can bring you to your love, happiness and true path.

Be prepared to know and see! AND CHANGE ANYTHING you want!

The Insight I will give you will be not what you want to hear but it would be what you need to hear understand as I talk from the heart

Remember nothing is one hundred percent things can change and you have freewill. I provide honest insight just for you. Some times you are waiting and this can be frustrating let me show you how you can get over the wait and hurt.

Increase WEALTH and ABUNDANCE in your Life Attract the perfect CAREER or BUSINESS opportunity Attract your ideal Career, Business or 'Abundance' RELATIONSHIPS Stop attracting the things you DON’T want Start attracting the things you DO want Learn how to invite all the success you desire into your life PERMANENTLY!!I have my own healing center's where I teach and facilitates workshops in self-development Meditation groups.

With help of the Angels I assist my clients to find their true path in life

With 40 years experience I offer you both my wisdom and expertise offering Straightforward and candid information on your specific issues and concerns.I have My own Web Page

I’m a Psychic Teacher and come from a long line of Psychics and Mediums. I’m naturally Gifted with Spiritual Intuition and Insight All my life I have helped people with Psychic guidance And love for Humanity I am here to give True Insight and messages.

The greatest thing in this life is to see people happy and have inner peace, without the pain and suffering of waiting. I teach Crystal Healing and Psychic Development. I help you with Inner Peace and believe in the Divinity of All Beings. Love is where the heart & mind is.

Once you overcome the doubt the devine natural flow of things begin to flow for your progression where you can feel an inner contentment, the perfect balance in every aspect of your lives.

With these gifts I can give you the answers to the Riddles, which will help clear the doubt surrounding you.

I will offer you nothing but the truth, and help you to make right decisions in your life, whether your uncertainty lies in:

Romance, and Relationships

Business and your Career

Family Life, and Marriage

Personal Growth and Emotional Well-Being

I can help to clear away a lot of the doubt around you, and offer the affirmation you need to further you in your life path, and help you to find the strength and guidance you need to embark on a new journey.



Dorset Road Melbourne, Chuadanga 3155


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