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⚚Amanda Psychic & Spiritual Healer ⚚

Torontos Canada's #1 Accuracy Tested Reader

All 5 Full Life Readings $20

♥ Tarot Card Reading,Crystal Ball Reading,palm Reading, picture Reading, Psychic Reading ♥

♒2 Free Questions In Person Or By Phone♒

Hi my name is Amanda i'm a psychic indigo spiritualist Ive mastered all arts of the tarot cards crystal ball palmistry astrology readings chakra healing reiki healing & much more Ive helped helped thousands of men woman and children of all races & religions world wide in all problem areas of life of love-health-business-personal matters-addictions -spiritual problems-re-uniting lovers all problem areas in your life will disappear with my help! i.m 98.9% accurate in all of my readings based on clientele surveys & testing done at the "A.S.P.R" society with over 19 years of experience.

I Will See & Tell All With No Questions Asked!

I'm a very spiritual individual I use the power of prayer & the lord to further help my clients , being indigo born I'm very sensitive and in tune with my surroundings including the people around me but this is only part of how I gain esoteric or crucial information in order for me to tune in even more to my ability I must meditate and and fast regularly to heighten my abilities & to help my clients even further I use the power of prayer certain alchemy's of incense & oils the crystal ball to intensify the frequency around me to get a better connection with my client and the tarot cards to read further in to their lives these are my tools & this is my life I'm here to help you every step of the way i can & will solve your problems guaranteed results within 12-24 hours for my clients. I can take you back to your past explain your present & reveal your future !

"What I Can Do For You"Guaranteed Results In 12-24Hrs!

Re-unite loved ones--Bring back previous loved ones--Separate Lovers--Cancel out or Reverse Negative or Cursed Spiritual Energy--Cleanse your Spirit so you feel rejuvenated & like your self again-Chakra Balancing & Unblocking -Stop any annoying addiction that are possessing your life--help you financially to increase yours or another,s income-- Legal matters & Court cases--Divorce Help--Any personal life matter I can fix by using my abilities to help you make the correct choice so you have a better out come in life-If you feel upset,angry,depressed,confused out & out tormented and you feel there is something surrounding you i will release from this pain and torment and cast out any evil surrounding you unlike a majority of the psychics out there I believe and work with the holy spirit and the holy lord Guaranteed Results Within 12-24 Hours.

☥ Psychic Reading's & Arts I Specialize in☥.

♈Psychic Readings♈

♉Crystal ball♉

♊Tarot cards♊

♋Palm Readings♋

♌Energy Blocks♌

♍Evil or Bad Influence Removal♍

♎Picture Readings♎

♏House Blessings♏


♑Rune Stone Readings♑

♒Reiki Healing♒

♓Chakra Balancing & Cleansings♓

☉Coffee Cup & Tea Leaf Readings☉

☥ Spiritual Readings & Arts I Specialize in☥.

☿Spiritual Cleansings Aka Soul Cleansing☿

♀Spiritual Block Removal ♀

♁Dream Interpretations♁

♂Aura Readings♂

♃Lucid Dream Interpretations♃

♄Out Of Body Experiences♄

♅House Or Property Blessings♅

♆Item Blessings I.E Crosses Statues etc♆

♇Paranormal Activities♇

☄Exercising Of Demons☄

☊Removal Of Unwanted Spirits☊

☋Curse Removals Or Reversals☋

☌Communication Of Human Or Animal Spirits☌

☍Separation Or Reuniting Of Soul Mates☍

✶Spells ranging from:(Note)spells only done if✶ requested

Seen on tv talk shows radio programs and news articles through out Canada

Feautured On Rogers Access Tv, & Sponsor of The Relationship Show (TRS) 2013,Cbc, 640 am, Breakfast tv, Maxim Astrologer,National Post,T.I.F.F, Featured Psychic For HoltRenfew ,Toronto Star Articles, & Psychic Expos Across Canada

All clientele information is kept private & confidential

Restores Health,Finance,Luck, Spiritual Energy!

98% Percent Accuracy Through Testings & Guaranteed to solve all your problems with 1 visit.

Let Me Guide You To Your Spiritual Path To Success!

2 Convenient Locations At 818 Wilson Avenue in between Dufferin & Keele Hours of operation 10.00am to 11.30pm Mon-fri, 12pm-11:30pm Sat-Sun

This One Call Will Make The Change 416-519-8055



WILSON AVE , TORONTO Victoria, Comilla M3K1E5




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