Jackie Notman

Jackie Notman

London, ON
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About my tarot reading

You might be confused about a situation or need to make a decision but can't. It could be that you are looking for a new direction or a creative spark to get you going. Or maybe you just want to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever your situation the Tarot will help you shift your energy and your focus and, when you can do that, you can start to change your life.

The Tarot is just one part of my energetic toolkit that I use to work intuitively with individuals and businesses and I am firmly into no bulls**t. For me, Tarot is not about telling your fortune. Instead it's a way to explore your options energetically. With the Tarot we can tap into our unconscious and connect with a higher source of information. It allows us to think laterally and creatively. it's just a brilliant way to clear and clarify our minds as well as opening up our perspective.

I offer a range of Tarot readings by skype or by email. For email readings you will receive a jpeg of the card layout and an audio of the reading. I also offer face to face for those local to me in North Wiltshire (UK) as well as a monthly tarot reading subscription. All details are on my website.

I also offer an online beginner's tarot reading video course. Details from www.becomeatarotreader.com.

The rest of my energetic toolkit includes Feng Shui, Eastern Astrology including Date Selection, Numerology, the I Ching and Dowsing. All are available as standalone services or combined I can work with you as a coach or consultant for your business.

I also send out a daily tarot card reading on Facebook or Twitter and it would be great to connect with you for those.



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