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About my tarot reading

As a Tarot & Angel Card reader I also provide the ground breaking system of reading your life's path from your birth name.

What is Soul Path reading?

Soul Plan or Soul Path is an extremely powerful modality for discovering your life purpose and goals, life challenges (physical and emotional) and the talents inherent in you to help you reach your full potential. More importantly we identify your core limiting beliefs which we can address through various therapeutic interventions.

The name you were given at birth, the first name you were known by is a blue print of the path your soul chose to experience in this current life. By decoding this through soul path reading we can identify your life challenges, talents and your goals.

Benefits of a Soul Path session

Understanding ourselves at a deeper level helps us get answers to these questions

Clarity of the direction of our lives.

Confirm our true talents and give us confirmation of our true destiny - giving us direction.

Healing through the acceptance of the role the past has played in the manifestation of our chosen path

In Soul Plan readings, you will explore your being, becoming more self aware and ultimately bringing about positive change in your life. Upon receiving the confirmation of your true talents, challenges and goals you will be given advice and interventions on how best to move forward to success.

As sentient beings we humans are also souls manifest in the human form. Over our lifetimes we experience various karmic lessons or challenges. Our soul chooses the talents to help us meet these karmic lessons and ultimately achieve the goals that have been set for us. Through soul plan therapy the trinity of these aspects of our being is revealed and confirmed and with it empowerment and healing will follow.

Different karmic challenges will require different interventions and it is this that is worked through in this reading.



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