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Heavenly Tarot

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About my tarot reading

Hello! My name is Guzalia. I am a Spiritual Counselor, Certified Angelic Medium and Tarot Reader. My job is to remind you what a divine being you really are and to help you get back onto your true life path.

My passion is to help people create positive changes in their life, heal themselves and become more whole.

Most people think of Tarot as a divination tool. But Tarot is so much more! It's a self-developmental, therapeutic, magical system. Tarot not only predict the future but also can help you create and manifest the desired outcome. When you come to me for a reading, the work goes on on so many levels. I wish, everybody could see what I see! There is an instant energetic change happens in your electromagnetic field (aura) once you get connected to the Divine Powers. That what Tarot really is, it is a tool that enables you to connect to the Higher Realms, to the Divine Entities. When you come in contact with these energies, they will help you look deep within yourself and gain clarity, analyze your past and present, and learn the lessons the life presents to you. In my experience, Tarot have been an amazing therapeutic tool. Tarot may bring out to the sight all your destructive behavioral patterns and help you understand and resolve them. I've seen some of my clients making a progress, otherwise, would only possible through years of conventional therapy.

I offer First-Time Special $10 per 10-minutes Tarot Reading via Skype (one time only).

20-minutes Tarot Reading via Skype $50

1-hr Spiritual Counseling/Tarot Reading via Skype $95

2.5-hr Spiritual Counseling/Healing/Tarot Reading in person $250



10440 Shaker Dr, Columbia, QBI 21046


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