Diane Wing

Diane Wing

Dallas, Saint George
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About my tarot reading

I'm a Transformation Guide, but really I'm a Perspective Changer and Blockage Buster. I'm a wiz at helping women find their Inner Magick. And I've devoted most of my life to finding ways to be happy in the present while creating the ideal future. To sum it up? I am a master at bringing magick into the everyday.

When we work together, you can expect to come away with a higher sense of self, a brighter view of your life, and extraordinary tools to create your ideal future. And you'll probably be enchanted by using magickal methods to reach your goals.

My work inspires and motivates because it allows you to experience your life as a wonderful adventure. My question for you is what lights you up? What makes you feel inspired?

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Author of The True Nature of Energy: Transforming anxiety into tranquility (on Amazon & Barnes & Noble). Take the vibrational quiz at www.forestmagick.com/new/WingVibrationalScaleQuiz.php

"Thank you again for all the help and guidance through readings and continued support. The readings helped soooo much to clarify and also to open to more specific

wonderings. The readings helped so much just in the power to trust inside. I am

so happy to have had the pushes you gave in the readings and vantage of clarifying things felt but not understood. A big smile of gratitude."

- Erika Henson, Washington, DC

"I've been thinking about my reading ever since you did it and it's been extremely

transformative! You gently pointed out some areas I need to work on but without

putting it that way, very nice, nurturing counseling which is as it should be but few folks attain it. You've given me much to think about and I'm very excited about it. I feel empowered by the reading. THANK YOU!"

- Bright Blessings, A.M., Tennessee

Diane Wing, M.A. is an author, teacher, personal transformation guide, and intuitive consultant. She has a Master's degree in clinical psychology and is the founder of Wing Academy of Unfoldment, a virtual Mystery school that helps students to increase their

energetic awareness, release old ways of being, and develop their intuition to build confidence and self-trust. She is the host of Wing Academy Radio on www.dianewing.srbroadcasting.com.

In addition to appearing on many Blog Talk radio programs and having been published in various magazines, both in print and online, Diane is the author of the books, "The True Nature of Energy: Transforming Anxiety into Tranquility," "The True Nature of Tarot: Your path to personal empowerment," a collection of short fiction titled "Thorne Manor...and other bizarre tales," and the novel, "Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds."

She is also the creator of two tools of self-empowerment "Insight Stones ™ - a game of self-awareness" and "Pathways - an interactive journey of self-discovery."

Diane works with her clients to find their Inner Magick and empower them to create the life they really want. Her websites are www.DianeWing.tv and www.ForestMagick.com.

Take the vibrational quiz at www.forestmagick.com/new/WingVibrationalScaleQuiz.php



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