How and why to write a Blog


Blogging on our website is convenient for you for several reasons. Also in case you already have your own Blog.

The best articles will be regularly published on our home page. With each new blog post you will receive better rating and this way get automatically listed at a higher position in our directory. Five best rated card readers are displayed on our home page, which is a very prestigious place for your advertisement. Your contact information will be seen by hundreds of visitors every day in such case.

Why to write a Blog?

  1. Our website is visited by hundreds of visitors every day and it is very likely that they will pay attention to your Blog posts. You can easily get readers, fans and new visitors.

  2. Each Blog post is linked to your profile and all your Blog posts are also listed in your profile. This way, your profile will get better rating for visitors on our web site, as well as for visitors from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  3. High quality and interesting articles will be advertised on our Facebook page and also on the home page of our web portal.

Do you already have your own Blog?

If you already have your own Blog, it can be very important to highlight your articles on our website. You can simply publish just two or three paragraphs with additional information that the entire article is available on your site. You will get much more readers compared to not using this unique form of advertising.

Do you not have a Blog yet?

It is ideal for you to blog on our website, if you do not have your own blog yet. It does not matter whether you blog regularly or whether you write few blog posts only. Every single contribution counts and helps to build up your reputation. Thanks to its simplicity, everyone can publish posts on our Blog.

What to blog about?

We highly value the quality and want to build a valuable website for users. Please try to ensure that your articles bring new, important and interesting information. Only write about what you are really interested in and where you are willing to spend proper amount of time. Writing your own good quality article often takes several hours.

Topics on which you can write your articles:

Events, Alchemy, Astrology, Mental health, Esoterics, Horoscopes, Music, Cards, Books, Beauty, Culture, Love and Relationships, Therapy, Magic, Mysticism, Ideas, Nature, Alternative medicine, Psychology, Dreams, Shamanism, Tarot, Divination, Mysteries, Health, Others

  • Reviews (of books, card sets and esoteric equipment)
  • History (Chapters from the history of Tarot and other esoteric subjects)
  • Your Comments / Views (Your professional thoughts and experiences)
  • Inspiration (What inspires you can inspire others as well)
  • Prediction (Future - what will the next week, month or year be like)
  • A Story (Interesting life stories and situations are always worth reading)
  • How to read cards / Tarot spreads Card tutorials for beginners and advanced)
  • How to … (Instructions and procedures from various esoteric areas)
  • Report / Information (Reflections and photographs from important events and lectures)
  • Debate / Interview (Ideas in the form of questions and answers)
  • Others (Astrology, esotericism, mysticism, occultism, philosophy)

How to start?

Only registered users (card readers) can write a Blog on our website. If you are a registered user, please sign in the administration of your profile and switch to the "Blog" where you can start writing your Blog posts.

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