Catharine River-Rain

Catharine River-Rain

Westmount , Montreal
Montreal, Chandpur
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About my Psychic Reading


Everyone always asks me, "How does a reading work ?" I like to do a general reading first before you tell me anything, and see whatever Spirit wants to say to you that day. After that you can ask me any question you like... and I mean ANY question! I begin to self study Astrology in high school and was having strong psychic experiences in my teenage years. Unfortunately I grew up in a family where this was considered crazy, and I didn't say anything to anyone until I moved to Montreal, Canada, and teachers and mentors started to appear in my life. I lived one of those, "when the student is ready the teacher appears" experiences. I began the Tarot when I was 22 and started to read as a profession by 28. I was exposed to many spiritual paths working in a Metaphysical store for about 13 years, and where my abilities increased exponentially. I realised I was a medium only because the people I kept seeing in readings had passed on. I have also had a lot of experience counselling and coaching people. I ran support groups for women, have done healing retreats, and Vipassana meditation retreats, studied and practice sound healing, chakra cleansing, guided meditation, reiki, Bach Flower remedies, gem stone work, and can clear spirits from your aura and from your home if need be. I have also taken courses around issues such as addiction, mental health, and forms of abuse and feel very comfortable to help you with this if it is part of your story or of someone you are asking about. I work with my guides and Arch Angel Michael at all times in the light

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