Ann King Renowned Psychic & Life Coach

Ann King Renowned Psychic & Life Coach

Energy Healer
3280 W 55th Ave
Denver, CO
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Reiki Level 1 & 2 Alchemical Hypno-Therapy (David Quigley) Enneagram Practitioner (Helen Palmer)


Energy Interactions and Your Inner Light

Each person has a unique, beautiful flame within them. This flame of energy is a constant source of illumination for life’s journey.

Energy Interactions are those interactions where your energy, your inner flame is recognized as a part of who you are; you are whole and contain the potential to create, to change, and to increase your illumination.

If you are one who is lighting a path for others, if you are awakening to the knowledge that your path includes interacting with things beyond your understanding, then you are also engaged in energy interactions.


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