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About my tarot reading

Welcome to Jodie's home, AvalonMare! Jodie is considered a "natural" psychic because her abilities were evident as early as three years of age. She is a professional reader of twenty three years using her gifts of Clairsentience (clear-feeling), Clairaudience (clear-hearing), and Claircognizance (clear-knowing). Jodie also channels three high level Spirit Guides whom she affectionately refers to as her "Trio". She later learned the art of reading Tarot, and combines the cards with her natural abilities to provide speed and accuracy. Her other interests include astrology, dream interpretation, and crystal energy work.

Jodie believes in the power of prayer, conscious creation and divine providence in our lives. Reta Beebe, a scientist who worked on the Voyager space mission often told her students. "When I was in college, my profession didn't exist yet!" The future is larger than our plans, our expectations and our current vision. In this spirit, do not become overly concerned with how divine providence will unfold, but instead act consciously on the guidance you will receive and know that your highest possible good is begging to be manifested in the moment of your least resistance.

Jodie's readings are direct, yet heart-felt and humorous. She provides spiritual guidance which allows you to make the best possible decision from where you are at that moment. You can count on her to be honest, non-judgmental, and eager to help you find peace of mind and manifest the desires of your heart. Her joy in life is to make a positive difference in the lives of her clients.

Please note: Your energy sets the tone for your reading, so please try to take a few moments to settle your mind and emotions before your call. Do not focus on time lines or dates as the Universal clock is not always in synch with the Earth clock. The future is fluid and changeable by you, your beliefs, and where you direct your thoughts and emotions.


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