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Mau Isabel

Halifax, Gazipur
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About my Psychic Reading

From a very young age I experienced a lot of different spiritual phenomenon. I saw spirits, felt them gently caress me, sensed (in sight and in smell) family members who had passed on, and heard them speaking to me. I have also been very sensitive to the energies of others, and can see/sense auras. My abilities were often validated by other intuitives/psychics with whom I connected.

As I grew older and desired a greater understanding of the spiritual realm, I studied eastern philosophies and developed my abilities. I sought to learn from various teachers, and began being "sent" students to help them on their journey.

This is why I have decided to extend my services to others, near and far. Whether you feel confused or stuck regarding aspects of your current situation or journey, or simply desire to learn more or be entertained by your potential future, I am here to guide you.

Unless given specific direction, my readings tend to focus on healing and empowering the individual. In doing so, I am often encouraged to touch on issues that will help the person grow and begin truly experiencing their own psychic abilities. Once there is an understanding and trust that it is there, I promise you will too.

Blessings, and so, so much love.


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