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Alejandro Alfaro

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Atlanta, GA
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Tarot reading by e-mail


About my tarot reading

The Tarot service that I am providing is an email based tarot reading. You can reach me with what it is you want to investigate. All I will need is your full name and some information over what your concerns are. The Tarot has been in my family for some years. We have an atypical philosophy when it comes to the practice. We believe one comes to the tarot to gain insight into a circumstance that has them confused, unsure, or even curious. We are not psychics, nor do we believe that we have special abilities that make us more capable of reading the tarot than other individuals. What we have is a strong belief in the energy that truly speaks through the tarot and the years of study that we have dedicated to be able to interpret the messages the tarot seeks to give. I only charge 15 dollars for a tarot consultation because the point of the cards is not to dazzle or amaze you and make a ton of money. The purpose is to help you reach the conclusions you desire and the peace you need. I am happy to lend me services for that pursuit.

You may also reach me through facebook where we can have a live chat while I read your cards


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