Suzie Q - Heavenly Owls

Suzie Q - Heavenly Owls

Cairns, Habiganj
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About my Psychic Reading

Suzie Q is a IPA - International Psychic Association of Australia approved psychic, who provides Buddhist Tarot Readings for those wanting something a bit different. Readings are done from a Eastern point of view using the four noble truths. Most card readers do their readings from the western persective.

Buddhism cards contain a wisdom, that like a glimmer of light, brings healing, direction and inspiration to your life. The cards look at the Four noble truths, The truth Cards, The purity cards, The contemplation cards and The Cultivation cards to help focus, strengthen your physical, mental and spiritual self. Through these cards we can look at, Love, Wealth,Career,Health, Future and Past. Suzie Q also has 5 of the 6 senses to help her clarify and communicate messages within readings. Visions (seeing), Hearing, Feeling (empath), knowing and Medium. Suzie Q also does Chinese numerology and Chinese Astrology via email and is available for reiki treatments too.



Cairns Cairns, Habiganj 4868


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