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Foxglove Tarot

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Hubei
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About my tarot reading

Foxglove Tarot - Tarot Reader in Ubud, Bali

Foxglove is an Indonesian eclectic witch, a tarot reader, a wanderlust digital nomad, and a spiritually conscious Indigo Adult based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

After a recent spiritual epiphany, she decided to leave her cubicle job and moved to Bali to continue pursuing her call in tarot reading, astrology, divination, and animal healing. She has been working extensively with the tarot since 2011 and had been featured in several local magazines since. With the use of her intuitive ability, Foxglove is able to explain your personality using tarot and Astrological Chart, and help you find insight on how to tackle different situations in your life.

​Her aim is to empower her clients using tarot as the mirror of the soul. She believes that as humans, the answers of our problem lies within us. We only need to listen attentively to what our soul and the universe is trying to tell us. As explained by Rumi, “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”

To provide the answers to your question, Foxglove is being assisted by her tarot cards: The Bohemian Cats (for relationship related questions), Thoth Tarot (for career/spirituality related questions), Tarot of The Animal Lords, Bohemian Gothic, and Baphomet Tarot.

Foxglove enjoys meditating, singing, reading, and enjoying the company of stray animals on her free time.

You can contact her through to arrange your consultation schedule.



Ubud, Bali, Indonesia Bali, Hubei 82122




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