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Carole Lynne

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Carole Lynne has more life experience behind her than most other gifted mediums, and this maturity and wisdom comes through in her readings. If you're seeking to communicate with loved ones in spirit, call the medium who other psychic mediums recommend. In person and by phone: 617-964-0058,,

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Carole Lynne is the author of four books:

> Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World

> How to Get A Good Reading from a Psychic Medium

> Consult Your Inner Psychic

> Heart and Sound

Carole Lynne offers lectures and seminars throughout the year. To join her email list visit

Carole Lynne is a psychic medium who offers private and group readings on the telephone and in-person. During mediumistic consultations she brings accurate and compassionate messages from loved ones in spirit. During intuitive guidance consultations she connects with higher guidance and focuses on issues in your life. She offers demonstrations of spirit communication and seminars in Spiritualist churches, spiritual centers, and meeting halls. Ms. Lynne has worked in many countries, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, and Scotland. She has also done phone readings for people in most of our 50 beautiful United States as well as phone readings for people in Australia, Spain, Mexico, England, India, Ireland, Scotland, Alaska, Singapore, Viet Nam, China and Japan.

Carole Lynne has been interviewed by ABC World News and The Boston Globe. She has studied mediumship both in the United States and Great Britain and her spirit communication style is influenced by both countries.

Cosmic Connection: Messages for a Better World, is my latest book published by Weiser Books and is available at bookstores and on line at and Also just published is my "Consult Your Inner Psychic" Online Course. See website for details.

Carole Lynne is also the author of How To Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium, and the award winning book Consult Your Inner Psychic, both published by Weiser, and available from bookstores, and in the store of this website. She is also author and composer of Heart and Sound, a book and CD of affirmations, prayers and chants published by Red Wheel Weiser.

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