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Colleen F. Costello

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New Boston, NH
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Colleen is an Internationally renowned Irish Psychic Medium, Tarot Expert, Para Investigator and TV Personality featured on "Paranormal Lockdown” with Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, and recently on “Rogue Mysteries” with Bill Brock from Destination America.

Colleen has been reading for over 30 years and was born with the natural gift of psychic and mediumship ability. After a near death experience she met her Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael, and it changed her life. The Angels guided her to deliver their messages of hope and love and to provide strength and courage to those around her through her

Using her expert lifetime experience in the Tarot, her ability to connect with those crossed over, Colleen uses a combination of traditional Tarot, Angel Oracle Cards, along with guidance from the Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters, overseen by her spirit guide Archangel Michael, to guide you in solving any present difficulties in your life, whether it be spiritual, relationship, financial, work, or dealing with the loss of a loved one in your life. She looks in depth at any blocks in your life and helps your find ways to overcome them so that you can live a full, abundant and spiritually happy life.

As a natural born medium she connects you with your dearly departed loved ones with love and comfort, delivering messages to provide validation that your loved ones are very much still with you in spirit guiding you and protecting you. As a pet lover, she knows how pets are a huge part of family so she also helps you connect with your dearly departed pets, so that you can feel comfort knowing that they are at peace.

Colleen wants to help you find happiness, peace and solitude in your life. Her readings are in depth and positive and you will always leave feeling uplifted and spiritually more positive about your life.

As a spiritual guide, life and business coach and teacher Colleen is able to help you find the direction you need and fulfill your hopes and dreams.

Her warm fun personality makes you immediately feel comfortable In her presence. Her goal is to continue to spread joy and hope and provide spiritual healing to those who need it.

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