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Lansdowne Street
Parramatta, NSW
Natural Clairvoyant, Psychic, Tarot Reader.


Telephone Readings by Natural Clairvoyant for Accurate Insight into Your Life.

I've had my gifts since I was a child, I am a natural clairvoyant who needs no tools of divination - I just close my eyes and I am able to see into your life. I can read the cards if you would like me to, but I don't really need them, however, feel free to let me know if you'd like me to use them.

Because I don't use the cards, I require a specific question in order to start your reading. Please don't provide me with your date of birth as I am not an astrologer. Rather, just provide me with a specific question.

When doing a reading, first, I see into your current and past situations, and then I'm shown the future possibilities that are available to you. If you want Accurate, Insightful Readings by Experienced Clairvoyant, Readings about Love and Relationships, Career and Business, Health and Money, please connect with me. Also, if you require Dream Interpretation or Animal Communication, I am here for you.

My gifts are natural, and I didn't need to train for them. I enjoy helping you by providing insight and information that isn't normally available to you. I usually see at least two paths for you to choose from (sometimes three), which I then convey to you. I'll always leave it up to you which path you choose to take. For regular readings, I can see into your relationship, career, health, family or your financial situation, and many other areas too.

My intuition in the areas of romantic and business relationships will enable you to have an advantage in handling future situations. My spiritual journey has brought me to help those in need of clarity and direction. I work best with specific questions which helps me to provide you with specific guidance, regardless of what difficulty or feelings you are experiencing in the present moment. We have loving guides around us who are aware of our past, present, and future. They will share information to create a better future.

I look forward to speaking with you and assisting you today. Thank you for reading my profile. :-)


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Madeline Rose
Parramatta, NSW , Australia