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Pam is a psychic medium. Blessed with the gifts of clairsentience (sensing), clairvoyance (seeing), and clairaudience (hearing). Pam is able to connect with spirits of lost loved ones and look at life situations. When connecting with loved ones they come through with information to let you know that they are still around to see what is going on in your life presently. And in spirit it is important that you be given validating information so that you can be sure that it is your loved one that is communicating with you. And they are always good about making sure to give Pam the information so that you will KNOW it is your loved one. Sometimes people have life sitautions that they are dealing with and spirit comes through with knowledge of those things you are currently dealing with. They tell Pam what the possibilities are for resolutions of the things you are dealing with. Readings with Pam can be very helpful, and oftentimes healing.

The Group Reading that Pam conducted in our store was a huge success! She was able to reconnect attendees with loved ones who had crossed over, and provide comfort and reassurance that although they have passed from this dimension, that they are not gone forever -- they are still, and always will be with you. We were so thrilled with the turnout for this event, that we've asked her to return for an encore reading at our store, as well as, in other Borders locations. Pam has also proved to be extremely insightful during my own personal readings. Chaz Foy, Borders Books.

This is Scott Cluthe, host of Positively Incorrect! Radio on Blog Talk Radio. I have known Pam Jenkins for many years, and worked with her on air on Sirius Satellite Radio also. She is: Gifted, Sincere, Intuitive and Straight forward!. She does not sugar coat her psychic impressions and advice. If you are looking for a talented Intuitive who you can trust, call or connect to Pam Jenkins! Scott Cluthe

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