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About my tarot reading

I love using tarot to open up to the beautiful energy of the Divine. I work with different decks and will choose the right one for you. I am gentle in my approach but to the point.

I also help people interpret their dreams as well as everyday synchronicities so they can see the deeper meaning. This may help them realize their highest potential and their life's purpose. I use many different spiritual tools to achieve this and in the end the dreamer has a deeper understanding of how to move forward in their life, and how to recognize that the Universe is speaking to them at every moment.

Be present now and receive the beautiful messages God is sending to you right now!

Specialties:Translator of dreams and synchronicities, Psychic, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Writer, Energy touch healer, Guided meditations, Retreats, Classes, Workshops.


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