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I am a Psychic Medium & Healing Light Energy Channel specializing in Spirit Guide Communication, Mediumship, Intuitive counseling and Healing Energy Sessions. I receive names, themes, colors, life options, future options, and messages from loved ones. Through sharing my spiritual and metaphysical writing, I have done countless readings/healing sessions and taught classes for people all over the World. I'm also the President of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to healing mind, body and spirit through spiritual communication, ascension teachings and energy healing. A featured columnist for OM-Times Magazine and the author of Friends With Lights, A True Story by Psychic Medium & Healing Channel Judi Lynch and Conscious Ascension available on Amazon. I also facilitate workshops on Energy Healing and Psychic Ability with the Spirituality Center online.

Please contact me through Email at and I will reply as soon as possible. Additional information at



email for appt Huntsville, QAB 35804


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