High Priestess, Coven Oldenwilde, a Traiditional Wiccan nonprofit

High Priestess, Coven Oldenwilde, a Traiditional Wiccan nonprofit

Tarot Reading
113 Clinton Avenue
Agoura Hills, QBI
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About my tarot reading


I have over 35 years experience reading every type of Tarot deck imaginable for clients worldwide.

I was born with synesthesia, a scientifically-documented form of psychism which enalbes my readings to be uncannily accurate and helpful. Should I identify a problem or concern, I provide the magical, medical, or legal remedy to it.

I provide readings via mail, email, phone, and in person by appointment.

Read the grateful testimonies of my prowess from previous clients on: oldenwilde.org!

Schedule a time convenient for you to get a reading from me by filling out the time and date on the calendar provided at: http://oldenwilde.org/consult-lady-passion/index.html

Make a tax-deductible donation to my Wiccan religious nonprofit via secure Pay Pal to enable me to continue helping needy folk worldwide.

All readings are strictly confidential, your anonymity held sacrosanct, inviolate.

I look forward to reading for you!


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