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Teresa Carol is an intuitive Counselor, an ordained Minister of Universal Church, a Certified B.E.S.T. Practitioner and the author of All Spooked Up. She holds 5 college degrees including Social Services, Chemical Dependency Counseling and Cross Cultural Psychology. Since 1985 Teresa has worked as a professional Life Coach and teacher. She has travel to over 29 countries studying healing, Shamanism and spirituality directly from the indigenous people. Teresa has been featured on Evening Magazine as well as listed in Who’s Who of Extraordinary People. She has been a guest on countless television, radio programs and interviewed in newspapers and magazine in the United States, Canada, England, Mexico and Peru. Teresa believes people do have their own answers; they just need a chance and the skills to bring it all together. She lives an extraordinary life and offers to share her insights to others.

v Investigator of Paranormal Phenomenon

v Minister of the Universal Life Church

v Washington State Certified Counselor

v Author of All Spooked Up

v Internationally Renowned Psychic since 1985

v Featured on the video, “You Are the Source”

v Oxford University’s Who’s Who of Extraordinary People

v Instructor of Self-help & Psychic-development classes

v Facilitates Spiritual Retreats at Sacred Sites

v Performs ceremonies and Rites of Passages

v Studied internationally with Shamans & healer in over 29 countries.

v Owner /Administrator of Living Empowered and Fully, the Extraordinary Life Forum

v Full time career Psychic since 1985

Teresa has been regularly interviewed for local television, radio & newspapers in Canada, Mexico, Peru as well as the United States. Recently she was featured investigating a haunted house on Evening Magazine and interviewed on Kube FM Radio.

A Washington State Certified Counselor, Teresa Carol holds degrees in Social Services, Chemical Dependency Counseling, and Native American Studies & Cross Cultural Psychology.

Reading by Teresa Carol: A reading with Teresa Carol begins with her looking at your aura and checking your physical health. Next she uses the Tarot to explore your financial situation, career opportunities and personal relationships. Then Teresa looks at your current year and addresses any of your behaviors that are counterproductive. After which she answers any question. Each reading is designed to offer skills and insights to improve the quality of your life. Si, hablo espanol tambien!

Classes & Events: Please check out www.teresacarol.com for classes, events and more information on Teresa Carol. www.livingempoweredandfully.com

Rates: $2.00 per minute. Special rates are offered periodically at different events, please see www.teresacarol.com or e-mail: teresacarol55@gmail.com

B.E.S.T. healings & Family B.E.S.T. CEUs: A medical healing process designed to clear physical, emotional and psychological blocks to clear trauma & pain. Great for behavior modification and reducing physical pain.

Palmistry, Tarot, Aura, Medical Intuitive, Pet Readings, Shamanism, Tea Leaf Readings, Life Coaching, and much more!



2603 110th Ave E, Edgewood Redway, QBI 98372


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