Tammy Adams

Tammy Adams

1729 L st. #1
Sacramento, QBI
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About my Psychic Reading

Tammy communicates with your Guardian Angels to help guide you towards the path that you are meant to be on. We all get off track once in a while, and she is here to get you back on the path. The world has been a place with so much expectations, and we were never created to feel this way. Tammy helps you to become stronger within yourself to get back up when you have fallen down and heal from when you thought nothing could make it better. The thing that makes Tammy stand out from any other is she truly cares about each and every client – she wants to see them succeed. Not only does she heal your broken heart or help you to stand up again she teaches you how to continue to do this for yourself. Tammy has been gifted, as she says Blessed by God, to help people. Since she has been born she remembers hearing her Angels since childhood. As she grew she wanted to learn more about the metaphysical world so she studied many different ways in the tools that people have used for century’s Tarot Cards, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, Dream Interpretations, and many more. The thing is nothing worked better then the gift she was born with. All these tools are great but not needed for Tammy. She also communicates with your spirit guides. Spirit guides are the people who you have loved or who have passed away and come back to give us messages.


Tammy has learned many different techniques in healing people. Not everyone is the same so this is where her true skills are seen by people all around the world and people come to her for this reason. If you have felt like your issue is to big this is untrue nothing is so big you can’t be healed( at least the soul). Tammy works from the inside out using tools and hands on healing. She removes the blockages from emotional or physical pain and then teaches you how to become stronger so it does not happen again. Tammy works with crystals & healing oils to help cleanse the chakras and rebalance your energy with in.


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