Elissa Heyman

Elissa Heyman

514 E. Palace Ave
Santa Fe Springs, QBI
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About my tarot reading

I first saw tarot cards at the age of nineteen. I had a metaphysical teacher who used them as a psychic development tool. I think the tarot is the best divination system for counseling and psychic work, and to show anyone how capable they are of getting in touch with their intuition.

The way I was taught was not to use a book and memorize meanings (although my teacher favored the divinatory meanings in the back of "The Tarot", by Paul Foster Case.). I was taught to make associations between the planets, four elements, zodiac signs, numbers, colors and other systems in nature represented in each tarot card. I had to know the meanings associated with the number 3, with the planet Saturn, with the sign Capricorn...you have to learn astrology and other divinatory arts to read the tarot. It was neat to learn that "red" was associated with the planet Mars, symbol of war and aggressive male energy, and that bulls will charge a red flag because red is actually provokes agression in Nature. This system of learning makes your intuition kick in.

I have read the tarot fulltime professionally since 1979. I also use it as the basis of articles, and after any healing work, I lay out three cards to see what forces in nature show up, what was done in the healing.

On my website there is information about my psychic counseling and spiritual healing practice, and more about the tarot and intuition. There's a monthly prediction newsletter and horoscope done with the tarot and other divination systems. Please try my guided meditations, also.

I have been writing a horoscope column since the early '80's...it's really psychic reading and tarot messages for the elements, astrological signs, in relation to a particular time period. People have often told me how well their messages fit--that's why I've kept writing it all these years. Please look up your messages on the newsletter page on my website!

I consider myself an expert in tarot, able to be accurate about important developments, and see the whole picture for a person so that they have a constructive context for their experience, and get information that gives them leverage and insight.



514 E. Palace Ave Santa Fe Springs, QBI 87501


9am - 5pm


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