Joss Moroney

Joss Moroney

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Providence, RI
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If you wonder what is going on with your pet, why you are noticing different behaviors or concerned about a health issue, I can help. Perhaps an animal you loved has died, and you have unanswered questions or words you wanted to say but couldn't, I can help.

I have been communicating with pets since a child and helping people with relationships, money matters, business decisions and life path as I grew older. I am also an animal medium and can connect with your departed pet. What makes me unique is that I worked as a criminal investigator, scientific research project manager, veterinary practice manager—all of which give me laser focus in detecting and solving issues with compassion and positive results. I use my abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, veterinary/medical empath and medium to assist in the areas of animal communication, medium work, personal relationships, and business.

Whether you are asking for yourself or your animal, a session begins with your giving your name and your animal’s name if for animal communication, then asking your question or area of interest.

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