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I am an intuitive numerologist. I base the majority of my sessions on each person's numerical blueprint. As an intuitive reads a person's energy they see trajectories of where that person is headed based on the choices they are making at the time. These trajectories can change with free will. Using the law's of energetic literacy and numerology I can provide the area's of a person's life that is constant and not subject to change based on free will. I can show you how the energy specific to you can support you in the changes you are wanting to make based on the cycles, spiritual gifts and specific blueprint you carry as an embodied spirit.

What a proper metaphysical numerology chart will reveal is a story of your life, where you are headed and how you are going to get there. And by proper I mean using my own energy to calculate and synthesize your personal blueprint. More specifically, by using the numbers in one’s birth date and name, numerology can show individuality, personality, and the patterns of function and fate carried through life by every human being. It will truly show who you are, why you feel the way you do, what your karmic debit is, and where you are headed in this lifetime. It will reveal your personal spiritual gifts and will give you a literal roadmap for your entire life. It sounds like a numerology chart promises a lot, but it can deliver. Once again, this is all referring to a proper numerological chart, not a software generated one. I’m not against software programs as there are some excellent ones out there, however, what the software programs fail to do is synthesize all the numbers of one’s chart together into a complete picture. More specifically what I can do is use a person’s numerological chart as an “on ramp” to a true reading of their energy. To have your soul and life experiences validated is a wonderful thing. Going deeper into personal character traits is a must as it will show an individual how to balance their own energy. It is about taking control of your energy instead of it controlling you.

Numerology can offer up excellent advice on timing as well. We all live under energy cycles that repeat over and over. It is amazing to look at your own chart and see where you were in certain periods of your life, what happened during that time and how it specifically corresponds to your personal numerological cycle. It is an amazing tool to forecast the timing of movement in your life, right down to the day.

What numerology won’t do is predict specific outcomes for specific events, or make your decisions for you. During a clairvoyant reading a person is given probabilities regarding the outcomes of the current situations in their lives. That information can then be changed with a person’s free will. What Numerology offers is an accurate validation of your energy body and cycles which remain constant. These numbers dictate very specific characteristics, cycles and crucial timing of events in one’s life and these cycles do not change-ever. Harnessing this information will allow someone to use their free will to effect positive change in their life, or at the minimum understand the events happening to them. In essence we are all psychic to a degree. Balancing your energy aligns your energy centers and heightens your own intuitive abilities, which in the end help you make better choices to effect the outcomes in your lifetime.

The truest challenge is for all of us to learn to rely on our own self-authority and the spiritual gifts we have as the divine souls that we are. Numerology gives the gift and awareness of knowledge and clarity which are catalysts for finding our own divinity within.

Using numerology can accurately provide us with the road map which helps us navigate through our lifetime, and it gives us an opportunity to be more aware of ourselves, the talents we have, and the pathway we choose to use these abilities.

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I will quickly and accurately help to answer the questions you have. I will identify blocks, unconscious beliefs, cyclical energy and cosmic weather patterns that are affecting you at any given moment. I can look ahead and read the energy that you will be experiencing. The only personal information I will ask for is your date of birth.

If you would like to read the testimonials detailing my work over the years, you will find them on my personal website.

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