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Nana Baakan

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About my Psychic Reading

The Universal School of Cosmic Knowledge is the Energetic Frequency that all of humanity is born from. Once humanity goes through the process of physical birth, there are many experiences that cause the new human being to forget and lose contact with that from which they have sprung. They spend the rest of their lives in search of this "lost connection" outside of themselves. Until they discover that it has never left them, they will continue on this Cosmic Journey of innerstanding and seeking truth. These truths are taught from the inner planes, therefore this school has no teachers, no buildings, no protocols, no sin, no obligations. It is a free school, that welcomes all of Creation to freely learn from it. I have been in attendance at this school since the inception on this earth plane and throughout all of my other inceptions on the multitude of dimensional planes.


I am Metaphysician with 30+ yrs experience in Metaphysics, African Spirituality, i.e, Ifa, Akan and Khemet. I wish to facilitate the expansion of each person's awareness, soul inclinations, and answer some questions that may be puzzling.

About Nana's Consultant Services

I do spiritual counseling and I Ching (Yi Jing) readings that can be done via, Skype, Oovo, Google Hangout, Yahoo video chat, etc.

In that way, where we are located won't interfere with getting the reading. After we determine which chat process we want to use, then we need to make sure we are in each other's friends' list, so everything can go smoothly when we finally meet.

I ask folks to get me two questions before the reading. Then, I will do the consulting with the Oracle ahead of time, so as to say on the actual reading time. Typically, one question requires a series of inquiries that may take another 10 or 15 minutes to complete.

Sometimes, I may have to contact you again to help restructure the question, so we can get the best answer. With the I Ching, the way you ask the question makes all the difference in the answer you receive.

After the reading is over, I will send you a copy of your reading via a download link for your reference in the future.

Please note that I use the I Ching (Yi Jing) 5000 year old Oracle System from China. I have worked with clients from around the globe; some countries including Australia, Germany, India, Columbia, Uganda, Ghana, Brazil, UK, Nigeria, France, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Senegal, Liberia, India, Namibia and all over the US.

For mental health counseling, I ask for a commitment of at least six months, no less than twice a month that we meet. We can continue passed the six months but in order to promote effective healing, the initial six months period must be established.

Additionally, you will receive spiritual support during our counseling sessions if you desire. These sessions are 1.5 hours and can be done in person or over the phone/internet.



705 N Warwick Rd. Magnolia, XIZ 08049


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