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Psychic NYC

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New York, NY
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About my tarot reading

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Many people ask what a psychic readings in Manhattan entails, so Jesse Bravo explains the dynamics as to leave no questions unanswered. Psychic Readings In NYC ,Manhattan and Tarot readings are held in a quiet comfortable safe place in Manhattan or over the phone and as a psychic medium I require a calm quiet environment in order to receive impressions, information or feelings. The images, feelings and sounds allows me to get in touch with your energy, and when that is done, information is revealed to me by your loved ones, guides, angels or friends from the other side (Spiritual realm). In the realm of spirit, many things are revealed in order to help you through your tough times, these hard times include problems with money, romance, career and many other life issues. So Jesse gives his clients as much information as possible, so that they may make the best possible decision in their life. Jesse helps those in need and has become a relied source through out the world to the point many known and famous psychics contact Jesse for his guidance in their lives. these famous psychic call him the psychics Psychic because of his ability to help people through all phases of their lives. Many people throughout history with tremendous psychic gifts have helped humankind and Jesse is doing the same. Come get a psychic reading in nyc from one of the best psychics in world and find out why Jesse is so sought after! Here are some psychic abilities Jesse uses during his readings. Psychic NYC



153 W 27th St #702, New York, NY 10001




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