Gale Carrier

Gale Carrier

Tarot Reading
3744 Annex Ave.
Nashville, TN
Tarot reading in person, Tarot reading by phone, Tarot reading via Skype

About my tarot reading

I have been doing Tarot readings so long I've lost count. I started doing readings when I was around 12 years old and started studying Tarot in 1973. I 've taught classes and of course performed hundreds and hundreds of readings throughout the years.

There's a lot more to the Tarot than meets the eye. It's certainly not all about divination. It's a powerful tool which can be used to cover the bounderies between the world of the unconscious and the concious mind. Spiritual quests, psychological profiling and answers o your deepest questions are all in the deck of 78 Tarot cards. And, I have the skills and ability to guide you to that answer.



3744 Annex Ave. Nashville, TN 37209




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