Leigh Nash

Leigh Nash

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Vancouver, Comilla
Tarot reading in person, Tarot reading by e-mail

About my tarot reading

My Reading Style

My readings are grounded in the Motherpeace tradition and incorporate numerology. This means my readings are less about telling the future and more about providing insight and personal empowerment and liberation. I primarily use the Wild Unknown deck, which features gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations. It's a beautiful deck with a grounded, earthy energy, with imagery drawn from nature and wildlife that fits well with Motherpeace's feminist-inspired interpretations, which "focus on the importance of ritual, artistic expression, uniqueness and the idea of a culture that supports one another."

Union Readings: yoga + tarot, together at last.

I am also a certified yoga instructor and I love to combine yoga and tarot. They are complementary practices: Both are ancient systems rooted in the common goals of celebrating contentment, transcending unhappiness, finding and following your inner truth, and better controling the mind to experience life's infinite possibilities. Yoga feeds the body by increasing flexibility and strength and the mind by encouraging stillness and mindfulness. Incorporating tarot takes that mindfulness one step further, enabling a deeper connection with your inner purpose, to help you move through challenges and emerge confident and empowered.

The Union Reading helps you to align body and mind with a five-card tarot reading and yoga sequence designed just for you to complement your tarot reading. You'll receive a three-page PDF document via email with a photo of your cards, written story and illustrated yoga sequence.

Email Readings

My email readings are designed to provide insight and inspiration, and often a gentle kick in the pants to get you moving in the righr direction. I currently offer three- and five-card readings, which consist of a photo of your cards + written insights, delivered digitally as a PDF.

In Person & Event Readings

Schedule permitting, I am available for in-person readings anywhere between Ottawa and Toronto (between Lake Ontario and Highway 7).

Spice up your next retreat, shower, bachelorette, fundraiser or party with live tarot readings: I'll join you at your next event to offer mini-readings for your guests. Depending on the length of your event and number of guests, mini-readings last between 10-15 minutes per person.

Please contact me for availability, timing and to confirm rates for all in-person readings.



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