Rosalind Thomson

Law Farm Cottage
Atlanta, GA


I am a clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer. As a child I knew that I had gifts and as I grew my ability to channel with spirit and use these gifts to help others were fulfilled.

I then knew where my destiny lay.

I was very much aware of these gifts and as I grew older my ability to guide, inform and help others through spiritual guidance developed and grew.

For many years now I have worked professionally using these natural clairvoyant, psychic and healing gifts. Whilst working with spirit my abilities increase and I communicate on a higher vibration enabling me to work with my higher self and in this way I help others reach their true potential with regards to their evolvement and spiritual awareness.

My many clients return on a regular basis for clairvoyant counselling, spiritual help and healing.

Why not let me help you better understand the purpose of life, or through healing the benefits of well being.


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