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About my tarot reading:

"I even pay for the UK phone call so you have no surprise phone bills & can keep your session discrete, with sessions recorded and sent to you via Drop box for you to keep and refer to . I always state that my job (doing a reading) is relatively easy, your task of implementing changes & improvements in your life is much harder. Remember, I cannot make things happen in your life, only YOU have the power to do that.Your destiny lies in

your hands and your hands alone."

Tarot / Psychic readings - using Tarot & Intuitive cards alongside my Clairvoyance,Clairaudience,

Clairsentience & intuition to tell you what is happening and how you can improve your situations. You would not be providing me with any information unless you're responding to what is being told to you. I recommend have a

collections of specific questions written before you have the session so you don’t go blank when I’m working with you. I will not be censoring the information given, what is provided will be passed on to you, what you then do

with that information is entirely within your hands not mine.Your destiny is entirely in your hands, nobody elses . Readings can be a one off annual consultation or a more regular occurrence though this would be down to our

discretion; I have limited the number of readings per client if I feel that a client is becoming dependent upon readings or me and not making positive steps towards self sufficiency. I will also recommend clients to other professionals if I do not think a reading is going to be of their benefit (i.e GP or Counsellor) and I will withdraw my services in these instances until the approval of the other professional is passed to me at a later date.

Mediumship - contacting those in spirit - it is important to remember that no Medium worth their salt will guarantee that specific love ones will come through; we can only send out an invitation that they may or may not respond to, they may not choose to come through via me for their own reasons (i.e.they're not ready/strong enough to come through; they don't realise they're in spirit; they may not like me personally). It is important that you know this in advance which is why I use the Tarot, Intuitive Cards & Clairvoyant readings where you can ask questions about these people, allowing them to come through if they choose without being pressurised or demanded upon. If you'd rather have a pure Mediumshiop session I'd recommend visiting your local Spiritualist church where they have regular demonstrations of Mediumship and it's usually free

"I will be telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear "

I always state that my job (doing the reading) is relatively easy, your task of implementing changes in your life is harder. Remember, I am only an advisor, giving you options and solutions with the help of universal power & insight. I cannot make things happen in your life, only YOU have the power to do that. Please remember that you have your destiny in your hands, so you'll need to activate the opportunities as you see fit using your own intuition, self will and sense of responsibility to ensure the best possible outcome for yourself.

All sessions are in the strictest of confidence at all times without exception.

Prices from £55 for 45 minutes recorded via Dop Box for your convenience

UK Freephone 0800 0409 141

International+44(0)20 8523 5145

Text 07951 724 247



London London, ON 3000




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