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About my tarot reading

Your answers could be a shuffle away!

I've read intuitive tarot for over 20 years, and every spread I have ever done has been enlightening for the querent. Every single one. Recently, I thought instead of limiting myself to small parties and family members, maybe I should spread my talents for the entertainment and enjoyment of others.

Reading intuitively takes considerable time and energy but unlike others, I'm not charging you by the minute. I don't believe your fortune should cost a fortune! Each reading is only $25.00. That's it. I will bill you through PayPal using the email address you give me. And just so you know... your first reading is backed with my exclusive Satisfaction Guarantee.*

Satisfaction Guarantee*

If you aren't satisfied with your first billable reading, you don't have to pay. So you have NOTHING to lose by giving it a try.

Here's what I need...

Your Date of Birth (or your Sun Sign, if you prefer!)

Your Gender (not *really* necessary, but it helps me focus)

A Yes/No question you would like answered

Your email address (for Paypal billing)

Once I have this information, I'll read your cards based on this information and email you back a detailed, personalized interpretation.

Are you ready?

Let's go!

The Fine Print: Cost per reading is $25.00 payable via Paypal. Of course, tips, referrals, and return business are greatly appreciated! Just keep in mind I only do one reading per person per lunar month and holidays are a busy time! Yes, I sell Gift Certificates!

*Satisfaction Guarantee limited to one gratis reading per purchaser. Not valid with Gift Certificates as they are purchased in advance. There can be no refunds on Gift Certificates so be sure you test drive me FIRST! Just so you know... no one has ever actually taken advantage of my Satisfaction Guarantee. That should tell you something about my readings.

Disclaimer: Even true believers in the Power of Tarot know that just the act of foreseeing your future might change it. Please understand that your reading is not guaranteed to come true and a tarot reading is no substitute for licensed counseling or medical care. This reading is a novelty for your entertainment purposes only and I reserve the right to deny my services to anyone for any reason.



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